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Bill Maher Petitions President Obama

Bill Maher petition to Obama reaches threshold

A petition launched on the White House’s We The People official website asking President Obama to appear on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher reached 100k signatures within days.
New Iran Sanctions

Day after Iran hands over Uranium, US announces new sanctions

U.S. officials announced today they plan to respond to Iran’s ballistic missile program by sanctioning the country. The sanctions will be aimed at some Iranian citizens, international companies, and other individuals.
NSA Spying on Congress

NSA Caught Spying on Congress, Israel

The NSA spied on conversation between members of Congress and officials from Israel during the Iran nuclear negotiations, according to a senior White House official.
Iran Deal Nears Critical Phase

The Iran nuclear deal is entering a make-or-break phase

As the Iran Nuclear Deal approaches an important milestone, parties on both sides of the deal begin to point fingers at each other. Fearing President Obama will go easy on Iran’s recent ballistic missile tests and other non-nuclear activities in order to save the nuclear deal, members of Congress urge the president to take a stronger stance. Iranian government officials, on the other hand, are pointing to recent changes in U.S. visa laws that could potentially damage Iran’s economy by restricting some people traveling on business and those with dual citizenship status.
US Cooperates with Assad

US military provided Syrian President with intelligence on extremists

According to a report, the Pentagon’s Joint Chiefs of Staff have been indirectly providing the Syrian military with intel on extremist fighting in Syria. There is fear in Washington that the agenda to oust President Assad will throw Syria into chaos and destabilize the region.
Obama Paul Ryan

Obama aims to form global climate change policy, Republicans seek to stop him

US President Obama will meet with 150 heads of state next week to negotiate an agreement on a global initiative that US scientist are describing as the last best hope to prevent the worst effects of climate change. But the president is walking in with no bargaining chip as Congress can’t even agree if climate change is real.
President Obama and Israeli PM Netanyahu Oval Office Meeting

Obama, Netanyahu commit to peace in White House meeting

U.S. President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu insist there is still a chance to find peace in the Middle East, regardless of the changing diplomatic and political environment in the region that would suggest it would be impossible to achieve before President Obama’s term ends.
White House hints at controversial move to close Gitmo

Obama to bypass lawmakers to close Guantanamo Bay

The White House threaten to use an executive order to close the Guantanamo prison in Cuba, if Congress fails to blocks legislation to close the prison. The president campaigned on a promise to close the...
Republicans warn Obama not to veto defense policy bill

Republicans warn Obama not to veto defense policy bill

U.S. House and Senate Republicans warned President Obama not to veto a defense spending bill today as part of the partisan fight over spending. U.S. House Speaker John Boehner said the bill has been a...
Obama at the UN: I'm willing to work with Russia and Iran to resolve Syria

Obama at the UN: I’m willing to work with Russia and Iran to resolve...

Despite criticizing Russia moments before, U.S. President Obama said he was willing to work with Russia and Iran to find a resolution on Syria’s civil war. But the devil is in the details as...

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