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Target boycott reaches 1 million

Target loses $1.5 billion as boycott reaches 1 million

Target's stock has taken a nose dive since it announced it was opening up its restrooms and changing rooms to people of both sexes. Target's stock value has dropped by more than $1.5 billion...
Ted Cruz on the Tonight Show with Donald Trump

Donald Trump gives Ted Cruz some advice on Tonight Show

Republican candidate Ted Cruz received a call from the late-night host’s impersonation of Donald Trump. The five minute dialogued allowed Ted Cruz to blow off some steam at his rival Donald Trump. “Hello Donald. What a...
Michael Oren demands Bernie Sanders to apologize

Israeli ambassador: Bernie Sanders owes Israel an apology

Bernie Sanders should apologize to the people of Israel for accusing the country of “blood libel,” a former Israeli ambassador to the United States told the Times of Israel, after Sanders suggested in an...
Paul Ryan booed

Paul Ryan booed at Trump rally

Donald Trump was surprise at the reaction he received when he mentioned Paul Ryan at a campaign rally in Ryan's hometown. Trumped asked supporters if they liked House Speaker Paul Ryan during a rally in...
Ted Cruz Wisconsin Primary

Wisconsin Poll: Ted Cruz crushing Donald Trump

According to state's most reliable pollster, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz is crushing front-runner Donald Trump in Wisconsin with a double-digit lead.
Donald Trump more dangerous than ISIS

Donald Trump More Dangerous than ISIS, Analysts Say

Another group of highly respected security leaders are warning against a Donald Trump presidency, saying it is more dangerous than global Islamist terrorism such as ISIS.
Marco Rubio suspends campaign

Marco Rubio suspends White House bid

Marco Rubio said he is ending his campaign for the President of the United States. The statement from Marco Rubio comes after a devastating loss in his home state’s primary election.
Trump mocks Christie

Donald Trump mocks Chris Christie

Donald Trump hit his newfound sidekick Chris Christie with some friendly fire on Monday while trying to attack Ohio Gov. John Kasich ahead of his home state’s Tuesday primary.
Bernie Sanders Tech industry

Tech industry backs Bernie Sanders, dumps Trump

Technology policy activists are calling Bernie Sanders the best presidential candidate from both parties when it comes to technology and internet policy, according to an analysis of candidates from both parties. The study also concluded Donald Trump would be the worst candidate for the “internet”.
Ted Cruz Wyoming Caucus

Ted Cruz crushes Donald Trump in Wyoming Caucus

With 65 percent of the vote in, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are crushing Donald Trump in the Wyoming Republican caucus.

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