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Obama Budget

President Obama bold budget proposal to Congress

President Obama released information today about his proposed budget to Congress. The radical proposal includes an increase in oil taxes, expanding Medicaid, a multi-billion dollar initiative to promote computer science in public k-12 schools, and funding to find a cure for cancer research. The proposals signals the Obama is aggressively attempting to accomplish certain goals before his term is over.
Cancer funding battle in Congress

Republican lawmakers question cancer research funding

Republican lawmakers in Congress said they are willing to increase federal funding for cancer research but they are not willing to simply approve the $775 million the White House is requesting.
Nancy Pelosi rejects Bernie Sanders proposals

Nancy Pelosi hits Bernie Sanders as unrealistic

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi rejected Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ proposal for a single-payer healthcare system. "He's talking about a single-payer, and that's not going to happen,” Pelosi said.
Paul Ryan House Donald Trump

Paul Ryan predicts Republican will keep control of House, even if Donald Trump is...

House Speaker Paul Ryan has repeatedly told reporters he will not comment on the Republican Presidential Primary Election but that did not stop him from making one prediction about the election.
Rand Paul aims to stop Obama

Rand Paul introduces bill to halt Obama action on gun control

GOP presidential candidate Rand Paul is pushing for a vote to restrict President Obama's ability to enact new gun control regulations. Sen. Rand Paul introduced a bill that would keep any executive action on gun...
Ways and Means record offers clues to a Ryan speakership 2

Will Speaker Ryan go for a second term in 2017?

House Speaker Paul Ryan said in an interview on NBC's "Meet the Press" that he is enjoying the position as House Speaker "more than I thought I would," but so far Ryan has declined to comment on whether he will continue his role as Speaker after his term expires.
House passes visa waiver legislation

House strengthens controls on people traveling from Syria and Iraq

In reaction to the attacks by ISIS in Paris, the U.S. House moved to strengthen its immigration laws and now required from people traveling to the U.S. who have also traveled to Syria or Iraq to get a visa.
Congress Democrats

House Democrats Attempt To Force Vote On Gun Control

House Democrats, led by Nancy Pelosi, will attempt to force congress to vote on a stronger gun control law making its way through the House. The move is part of a bigger messaging tactic by Democrats to capture the nation’s mood post San Bernardino shooting.
Paul Rayan talks Obamacare

Paul Ryan: Repealing Obamacare is a top priority

House Speaker Paul Ryan said this past Thursday that GOP lawmakers will soon reveal a strategy to repeal Obamacare and replace. Ryan said this part of the parties pro-growth agenda that includes cutting taxes and welfare programs.
Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi on Budget Bill: A Tea Party Wish List

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi criticized the government spending bill sent to her by GOP lawmakers as a “tea party wish list”. She said the legislative bill sent to her was very different from what House and Senate leaders on the appropriations committee had developed.

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