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John Cortez is a political blogger. He graduated from the University of North Texas and received a MA at the University of Chicago before he learned how to ride a bike.
Donald Trump won latino voters over in Nevada

Hispanic voters rally behind Donald Trump

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump tough rhetoric on immigration didn't hurt him among Latino voters in Nevada. In fact, most Latino Republicans rallied behind Donald Trump yesterday evening, with the majority of Latinos voting for Trump.
New poll has Bernie Sanders leading Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton trails Bernie Sanders in new poll

A new poll indicates Hillary Clinton is now losing ground to Bernie Sanders in states once considered to be Hillary Clinton strong holds.
Two politicians fight in Dallas

Altercation breaks out between Dallas politicians, police called

A fight between two politicians in Dallas broke out earlier today during a debate. Police were called to the gospel radio station to break up the fight.
Bill Clinton Rape accuser backs Donald Trump

Bill Clinton rape accuser backs Donald Trump

A women who publicly accused Bill Clinton in 1999 of raping her says Hillary Clinton tried to silence her about the incident and felt obligated to speak out against the Clintons. She says she doesn't identify herself with any one political party but plans to back Donald Trump.
Obama plans to deport families

‘Deporter-in-chief’ plans to break up more families

President Obama, referred to as “deporter-in-chief" by the nation’s largest latino organization, plans to deport hundreds of families, a move that could shake up the politics of 2016 election surrounding immigration. Obama’s move is a sign that Democrats are feeling bullish after Donald Trump’s rhetoric, but it could back fire.
Jeb Poll Behind Rand Paul and Chris Christie

Jeb falls behind Rand Paul and Chris Christie in new poll

Jeb Bush continues his downward spiral in new poll released by CNN. This time Jeb falls behind Chris Christie and Rand Paul. By contrast, Donald Trump is 39 points ahead of his nearest rival.
Washington Post Cartoons Ted Cruz

Washington Post removes cartoon protraying Ted Cruz’s daughters as trained monkeys

After a wave of backlash from readers, the Washington Post took down an editorial cartoon from its website portraying Ted Cruz’s daughters as trained monkeys and replaced with a note from the Post’s editor, Fred Hiatt.
U.S. Senator Cruz speaks to members of the Texas Federation of Republican Women in San Antonio, Texas

Ted Cruz Caught On Tape Admitting That His Core Positions Are Fake

Republican Presidential candidate Ted Cruz acknowledge in secret recording that he does not actually believe what he is telling Republican voters and that if elected president, a Ted Cruz administration would not fight same-sex marriage. He also admitted he would change positions on issues like abortion and common core.
Marco Rubio and Rand Paul

Marco Rubio attacks Rand Paul on National Security, Praises Graham

During a campaign event in Rochester, New Hampshire, Marco Rubio criticized Senator Rand Paul for his record on national security and, simultaneously, praised Lindsey Graham record on national security.
Jeb Bush in NH

Hint of relief in New Hampshire for Jeb Bush

As the year comes to end, no candidate could be more happy to put it behind him than former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. The Bush campaign has had some major set backs as a result of attacks from Republican front-runner Donald whose label the former governor as “low energy”. But there are signs in New Hampshire that people might still take him serious.

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