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Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz

GOP calls for Rubio or Cruz to suspend campaign to beat Donald Trump

An influential Republican lawmaker is asking other Republicans to join him in asking Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz to suspend their campaigns and join forces with each other to stop Donald Trump.
Harry Reid links Trump and Cruz

Harry Reid links Supreme Court fight to Donald Trump, Ted Cruz

Shortly after Republicans reminded Democrat Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid about Vice President Joe Biden’s argument against former Bush’s Supreme Court nomination, Reid linked the current battle to nominate a Supreme Court justice to Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.
Ted Cruz and Donald Trump

Donald Trump falls behind Ted Cruz in new poll

Donald Trump national lead dwindles after a new poll from NBC and The Wall Street Journal has the real estate mogul behind Texas Senator Ted Cruz. The poll was conducted after a combative debate performance this past weekend.
Ben Carson receives endorsement

Congressman Harris endorses Ben Carson

Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson received his first congressional endorsement today.
Marco Rubio on Waterboarding Hillary Clinton

Marco Rubio on waterboarding Hillary Clinton

During a campaign rally in South Carolina a Marco Rubio supporter suggested he should “waterboard Hillary Clinton.” The comment came after Rubio announced he would keep the U.S. base at Guantanamo Bay open “forever.”
Julian Castro discusses Vice President run

Julian Castro discusses potential 2016 Vice President run

Secretary of Urban Housing and Development (HUD) Julian Castro discussed potentially running as Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Vice President during an interview Monday night.
Donald Trump UK ban

Donald Trump Threatens Retaliation Against UK Ban

The Republican front-runner said Wednesday he would no longer invest in 2 luxury golf resorts if the U.K. government decides to ban him from the country. Donald Trump has faced a firestorm of criticism since proposing the U.S. should ban Muslims from entering the country during a campaign rally.
Donald Trump Gun Control

Donald Trump: gun free zones are for wackos

During an interview this morning with CNN's Chris Cuomo, Republican front-runner Donald Trump called gun free zones a sign for wackos to come in and "start shooting everyone". The interview with the Republican front-runner comes days before President Obama is scheduled to discuss an executive order he plans to issue on gun control. The Coumo pointed out Donald Trump's previous support for background checks and a 72 hour waiting period to purchase a gun but Donald Trump was not having it.
Trump Supporter Interrupts Bernie Sanders

Trump supporter feels the ‘Bern’ after interrupting Sanders

A man interrupted Bernie Sanders during a rally earlier today to say “Obama is as Christian as Bruce Jenner is a woman.” The Vermont Senator’s response was just in line with his campaign message.
UK Ban Donald Trump

Over 500k petition to ban Donald Trump from UK, government responds

The statement from the government included a veil threat to Donald Trump: the UK government has the power to stop foreign nationals from entering the country who are considered “non-conducive to the public good”. Trump could join the list of banned foreigners that includes boxing heavyweight Mike Tyson.

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