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Obama's Farewell Speech

President Obama’s farewell address planned for next week

The White House announced Monday that President Obama will make his farewell address on Tuesday, January 10th, in Chicago, Illinois. Obama gave a small glimpse...
Trump to disclose new information

Trump plans to disclose new information on election hacking

President-elect Donald Trump on Saturday evening continued to express skepticism about Russia involvement in the hacking of DNC emails and said he knows “things...
Donald Trump NYE message

Trump tweets New Year’s message to his enemies

President-elect Donald Trump wished a happy new year to all, including his “many enemies.” "Happy New Year to all, including to my many enemies and...
Democrats vow to undermine Trump picks

Democrats vow to undermine these Trump Cabinet confirmation hearings

Incoming Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said Sunday that Democrats are committed to undermining and slowing down the confirmation process of President-elect Donald Trump’s...
Democrats fight Gag rule

House Democrats vow to fight against GOP ‘gag rule’

House Democrats are planning an all out fight against a GOP proposal that would punish House members who take video or photos on the...
Donald Trump loses golf

Donald Trump loses golf tournament to Mexico

The PGA Tour is moving a major tournament from Trump National Doral golf resort in Miami to a course in Mexico City, a new...
Former Mexican President Apologizes to Trump

Former Mexican President Apologizes To Trump Over Wall Comment

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox apologized last night for his expletive-laden outburst over Donald Trump's plan to force Mexico to pay for building a...
Target boycott reaches 1 million

Target loses $1.5 billion as boycott reaches 1 million

Target's stock has taken a nose dive since it announced it was opening up its restrooms and changing rooms to people of both sexes....
Ted Cruz on the Tonight Show with Donald Trump

Donald Trump gives Ted Cruz some advice on Tonight Show

Republican candidate Ted Cruz received a call from the late-night host’s impersonation of Donald Trump. The five minute dialogued allowed Ted Cruz to blow off...
Michael Oren demands Bernie Sanders to apologize

Israeli ambassador: Bernie Sanders owes Israel an apology

Bernie Sanders should apologize to the people of Israel for accusing the country of “blood libel,” a former Israeli ambassador to the United States...

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