Wisconsin Poll: Ted Cruz crushing Donald Trump

Ted Cruz Wisconsin Primary
Ted Cruz has a double digit lead in the Wisconsin Primary, according to a poll.

According to state’s most reliable pollster, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz is crushing front-runner Donald Trump in Wisconsin with a double-digit lead.

The poll shows 40 percent of likely voters support Texas Senator Ted Cruz while only 30 percent support real estate mogul Donald Trump. 21 percent of likely GOP voters support Ohio Governor John Kasich, placing the governor in third place.

The statewide winner of the Republican primary will receive 15 delegates while an additional three delegates will be awarded in each of the eight congressional districts to the candidate who receives the most votes in those districts. If Ted Cruz has a double-digit victory in the state, it is likely these additional delegates will go to him.

The poll is significant because it is the first poll that shows Ted Cruz leading Donald Trump by double-digits. The 3 other polls conducted earlier this month showed the race to be within 5 points.

Trump is struggling to both expand his coalition in the primary and raising his popularity in the broader electorate. Only 22 percent of all registered voters surveyed have a favorable opinion of Trump, compared to a resounding 70 percent who view him unfavorably. And 56 percent of all Wisconsin voters say they would be “very uncomfortable” with Trump as president — more than say the same thing about Clinton (42 percent), Sanders (31 percent), Cruz (32 percent) or Kasich (12 percent).

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    The poll has a sampling size of 471 people and a margin of error of almost 6%. A poll released today also (Q-poll) has a sample size of nearly 7,000 with a margin of error of 1.1% has Trump up 2% over Kasich and 4% over Cruz.

    Try again.