Gov. Sandoval to Obama: Thanks but no thanks on SCOTUS

Sandoval on SCOTUS
Sandoval asked for President Obama not to consider him for SCOTUS.

GOP Nevada Governor Sandoval removed himself from consideration for the US Supreme Court on Thursday after reports surfaced that President Obama was considering nominating the Republican governor to the high court.

In a written statement Sandoval told White House officials and Senate leaders “that I do not wish to be considered at this time.”

“The notion of being considered for a seat on the highest court in the land is beyond humbling and I am incredibly grateful to have been mentioned,” the Nevada Republican governor continued.

If President Obama would have nominated Governor Sandoval, a former federal judge, it would have place him in a difficult situation. Republican Senate leaders have already pledge not to hold hearing on any nominee this year. The news that the president might nominate Sandoval, a popular Republican governor, did not change anything for Republicans. They are standing their ground against the president.

On the other side of the political spectrum, a Sandoval nomination could have presented a dilemma for Democrats. Sandoval had the support of the influential Senate Minority Leader and Nevadan Harry Reid, but some Democrats were concerned the president was going to nominate a moderate Republican.

The White House has been hinting that they are planning to nominate a person that would likely have support from both political parties. However, it is unlikely the president will be able to fill the vacant seat on the Supreme Court this year.