Donald Trump leads in Ohio, John Kasich home state

Donald Trump dominates John Kasich
A new poll has John Kasich struggling to lock down his own state.

A new poll by the Quinnipiac University shows that Ohio Governor John Kasich is struggling to lock down his own state against Republican front-runner Donald Trump.

The poll, released earlier today, shows that 31 percent of Republican voters support Donald Trump in Ohio. On the other hand, only 26 percent of Republicans voters in Ohio support John Kasich, who currently serves as the state’s governor.

Five percent of Republicans remain undecided and 38 percent of those who favor a candidate say they might change their mind before the March 15 primary.

Trump tops Kasich 35 – 26 percent among men, with 23 percent for Cruz and 9 percent for Rubio. Women are divided, with 27 percent for Trump and 26 percent for Kasich, 19 percent for Cruz and 17 percent for Rubio.

“The Donald Trump train begins the three-week campaign for Ohio’s crucial delegates on the right track and holds a small lead over the Buckeye State’s own governor, John Kasich,” said Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll.

“A Kasich Ohio win is crucial to the Republicans trying to stop the New York businessman’s nomination. If Trump can defeat Kasich in his home state, that would be an impressive demonstration of his strength in a state that is just now getting attention,” he added.