Altercation breaks out between Dallas politicians, police called

Two politicians fight in Dallas
Two politicians exchange threats in Dallas. (Photo by Micah B. Phillips)

A fight between two politicians in Dallas broke out earlier today during a debate. Police were called to the gospel radio station to break up the fight.

Current Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price and former Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway were participating in debate at the local gospel radio station in Dallas when the altercation began. During a commercial break, name calling quickly ensued followed by threats.

“I’m tired of you … You [expletive] up my house,” Caraway says to Price.

“I’m gonna get you,” he says before being escorted out the door.

The video continues to record as Caraway is taken to a nearby office.

“What is wrong with y’all … This is a gospel radio station,” a woman says in the video as people discuss the argument. “You all get out of my office.”

One staffer was reportedly chocked by Price. But other witnesses say the County Commissioner was trying to push back his rival candidate’s staffer, not choke him.

The two politicians are running for the county commissioner’s seat in Dallas. The seat is currently held by John Wiley Price.

Price is under federal indictment for bribery and public corruption, but he is still considered a difficult incumbent to unseat.

Price’s challenger, Caraway, had a rocky start to his campaign after someone peppered his campaign bus with at least four bullets as it was parked in front of his home.

When asked by reporters about the incident, Price said it was insulting to think one of his supporters could have been responsible for the shooting.

“I’ve had my vehicles 15 or 20 years and nobody’s shot them up,” he said. “Please. Don’t waste my time with nonsense.”

You can watch the altercation below.

John Cortez is a political blogger. He graduated from the University of North Texas and received a MA at the University of Chicago before he learned how to ride a bike.