Bernie Sanders criticizes influential LGBT group

Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders criticizes influential LGBT group for supporting Hillary Clinton.

The Bernie Sanders campaign criticized the nation’s largest LGBT rights group, Human Rights Campaign, for supporting the “establishment candidate”, Hillary Clinton, in the 2016 Democratic presidential election.

The criticism from the Sanders campaign came after news broke that the group was endorsing Hillary Clinton.

A spokesperson for the Sanders campaign, Michael Briggs, said the endorsement is “not based on the facts and the records.”

“It’s understandable and consistent with the establishment organizations voting for the establishment candidate, but it’s an endorsement that cannot possibly be based on the facts and the record.”

In the 2008 Democratic presidential nominee election, the LGBT group endorsed President Obama over Hillary Clinton, but this year they felt she was the best candidate in the election.

“All the progress we have made as a nation on LGBT equality — and all the progress we have yet to make — is at stake in November. In most states, LGBT people are still at risk of being fired, evicted or denied services simply because of who they are,” the group’s President Chad Griffin said in a statement.

“Today, 63 percent of LGBT Americans report having experienced such discrimination, and we are seeing other troubling trends, from the onslaught of state and local anti-LGBT measures to the national scourge of anti-transgender violence to backsliding on HIV/AIDS prevention and youth homelessness.”

But Hillary Clinton’s support from the LGBT community does not come easily. Under her husband’s administration, the controversial Don’t Ask Don’t Tell military policy became law. The policy prevented military personnel from serving openly in the armed forces. She continued to support the policy during her 2000 Senate campaign in New York. It wasn’t until 2013 that she announced supporting same-same marriage.

The move by the Human Rights Campaign comes at a time when Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are neck-to-neck in the polls.

Watch Hillary Clinton at the Human Rights Campaign rally: