Donald Trump: gun free zones are for wackos

Donald Trump Gun Control
Donald Trump attacked the president's executive order on gun control Jan. 4, 2016 on CNN.

During an interview this morning with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Republican front-runner Donald Trump called gun free zones a sign for wackos to come in and “start shooting everyone”. The Chris Cuomo pointed out Donald Trump’s previous support for background checks and a 72 hour waiting period to purchase a gun but Donald Trump was not having it.

The interview with the Republican front-runner comes days before President Obama is scheduled to discuss an executive order he plans to issue on gun control.

Donald Trump said the president’s executive order is another step by the government to eventually prevent people from being able to purchase guns. Trump said President Obama should work with Congress to pass gun control reform if he was so adamant about it instead of “going to play golf” but, according to Trump, the president is “too lazy.”

Cuomo asked Trump about his previous support for tougher gun control laws in which Trump said there should be “a 72 hour waiting period” before being able to purchase a gun. But Trump said there were already tough laws on the books and said the focus should really be on mental health.

The Republican front-runner said when he sees a gun free zone sign he sees that “as a flag for the wackos to come in and start shooting people.”

He points to incidents such as the Fort Hood shooting, Paris attacks, and San Bernardino as examples of moments when a person with a gun could have saved lives. Trump said if someone in the crowd had a gun, there wouldn’t have been so many victims.

Of course, that is not something that could really be said with any certainty but he made his point.

In the Fort Hood shooting “you had one of the most highly decorated soldiers [but] they had no guns because they were in a gun free zone on a military base and this wacko came in and he had a gun,” Trump said regarding a shooting on a military base in Texas.

President Obama will sit down later this week with CNN’s Anderson Cooper to discuss gun control. The interview will be at 8 p.m. eastern timezone on Thursday.

The president plans to issue an executive order to extend background checks on gun owners. The details of the executive order have not been made public.