Jeb Bush: Accept Syrian Refugees, As Long As They Are Christians

Bush Says US Should Accept Refugees As Long As They Are Christians
Republican U.S. presidential candidate Bush.

Republican candidate Jeb Bush believes the U.S. should take in Syrian refugees but only if they are Christians and their lives are in danger. Jeb said the controversial remark during an interview on Fox News.

Bush was responding to a question made by Fox News host Sean Hannity. Hannity who asked Jeb what his thoughts were about the bringing 10,000 refugees to the U.S., to which Jeb Bush responded with the controversial remarks.

Jeb’s answers were pretty straight forward and short, not the kind viewers are use to listening now that Trump is all over the place.

Jeb was then asked what he thought regarding the possibility that Islamist extremist might have infiltrated the refugee groups in an attempt to enter the U.S.

Jeb said the refugee’s should be put through some kind of vetting process before they could be let into the country.

He also gave a third solution to the Syrian refugees problem: overthrow Assad and “wipe ISIS off the face of the earth”. The respond was one that should have struck the viewer by surprise.

Why does Assad need to go and how does overthrowing another leader in the region result in a more stable country? History sure does not prove that Jeb’s solution would work. Every time the U.S. decides to overthrow a government, it leads to more chaos and unleashes a wave of enemies that were once kept in their cage by the country’s leader.

Jeb is not alone in calling for Assad’s overthrow. Nearly every one on the right agrees with Jeb and so does the hawkish Democrat front runner Hillary Clinton.