Watch Jorge Ramos on Fox News Talk Donald Trump With Megyn Kelly

Jorge Ramos and Megyn Kelly on Donald Trump
Jorge Ramos and Megyn Kelly Talk Donald Trump

It appears Jorge Ramos, the Univision anchor that was kicked out of press conference by Donald Trump, and Megyn Kelly, who Tump has also attacked, will be joined forces on Fox News earlier tonight to talk about their beloved Donald J. Trump.

Trump kicked out Ramos from a press conference live on national television, the mocked the award winning reporter, and finally when he allowed Ramos to speak, Trump didn’t even answer the question.

If you happen to be among the few people who didn’t watch the GOP debate were Megyn Kelly asked Trump some challenging questions, you missed a really good one. After the debate, and for the next week if not more, Trump threw a tantrum on Twitter over Kelly’s questions.

So it is fun to watch these two Trump victims talk to each other.